We believe your story is your greatest asset. It possesses the solution to help with someone else’s problem or challenge. Here at Tony Thomas Art we use our art to tell stories, share our family, and help those in need by funding ministries to make an impact for the kingdom.
This isn’t a solo mission; it takes a team and provision. A part of that provision is the right partners for the journey.
Our names are Tony and Phyllis, and we want to share our story with you through canvas! Welcome to the art family, where you will always have a seat at the table. We are so glad you are here!



God's creation is something that simply must be shared. His attention to detail is unlike any other, and the peace that fills our hearts when we remember Him while we gaze upon its goodness is unmatched. Let this painting remind you of the goodness of God! He reminds us of His peace, goodness, and kindness every single day through His creation. 


As the seasons begin to change, so does our home decor. Start your fall decorating with this timeless piece of art. Add another pumpkin to your patch, and you won't be disappointed.

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