Artist Signature Framing for your Wood Duck print

$287.00 $318.00


Mail us your Wood Duck print and our custom framing professional will frame it and ship it to your front door.

About our Reclaimed Barnwood Frame

Our Barnwood frame is created from reclaimed wood recovered from old barns. Therefore, each piece is completely distinctive with variations of weathered finish that will frame your Wood Duck print in natural beauty. You may expect unique features such as nicks, cuts and old knots as well as old nail holes. Crafting these frames allows us to salvage beautiful wood that otherwise would have been lost.

 Just 2 Easy Steps:

1. Purchase this custom framing at a discount of $287.00. Includes free shipping in the U.S.

2. Ship us your print. We recommend you roll it up in paper and place a small piece of tape in the middle to keep it wrapped together. This prevents the print from unwinding and expanding inside the tube. We recommend a heavy shipping tube 27" long and 3 inches in diameter with end caps to protect your print. Don't have any of that stuff? Click here, we can help.

See packing demonstration video.

Mail your print to us here:
361 Exchange St.
West Monroe, LA.
Please print your receipt and place in tube or write down your name, address and order number (found on receipt) to ensure we track your order and send the correct framed print back to you.

Here's what we will ship back to you. FULLY ASSEMBLED!

  • Your Wood Duck print
  • 29" x 26.56" Reclaimed barnwood frame
  • Mat: 3" Standard bevel with 4ply white 
  • Glass: Standard Acrylic
  • Backing: A.F. Foamcore
  • Hardware for hanging

This is a unique custom framing product that fits only the Wood Duck print. The mat opening is cut specifically to accommodate signatures on the print. It will not fit any of our other products. All sales are final.

Ships within 7-10 business days after we receive your print.


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