The story behind the art

Phil's Lanyard Series

One evening Phyllis and I were sitting in Phil and Miss Kay's living room. We were sharing stories and spending time together as we often do. As Phil sat in his recliner, he began taking us on the journey of the lanyard he uses during duck hunting season. He grabbed his lanyard of duck calls off his stand next to him, and began to break down the history of each one. He left out no detail- explaining how he made it, the story behind each call, and even gave us a duck call demonstration. It was great to listen to my father-in-law share his passion with us.

Oh, the stories he had! Who knew duck calls could have such funny, detailed, and interesting histories? It was incredible to hear and see the results of his hard work and years of practice. Not only did we learn a lot about the duck calls themselves, but also about his life and experiences. We saw how 6 duck calls housed years and years worth of memories and change.

We knew that we wanted to capture these duck calls in a unique way, and what better way than through art? These six duck calls are the very ones he has on his lanyard that he uses year after year.

Gadwall Drake, Mallard Hen, Pintail, Teal, Wood Duck, and Mallard Drake.

They’re not only what he uses to do what he loves, but they also connect him to very significant seasons of his life. The Lanyard series is our way of sharing his stories with you. Now you can have a piece of the experience, in a way that’s never been done before.

Collect all six pieces for the complete lanyard set. Every two weeks we will release the next duck call in the series. Mallard Hen releases May 14th.


This offer is available to you right now. Phil Robertson will autograph the first 50 of the 12"x16" size prints of each duck call in this series. You choose the print style.

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